Vegetable Cleaner

Vegetable Cleaner



Portable household ozone generator water air purifier/Mini household portable ozone food sterilizer water

 Ozone introduce 


1. Can improve the indoor air quality, kill the bacteria, and remove peculiar smell. It can also be used to deodorization in fridge, chest.

2. The ozone dissolve in the water can be used to wash face, bathing, wash dishes, food and vegetable, extend the fresh time.



 –The product generate ozone gas with strong oxidation,catalytic action ..Virus and bacteria in the ozone gas due to the multiple roles of free radicals,the protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme activity decreased.Thus, has the disinfection and sterilization, odor removal effect.

–Ozone is broad-spectrum sterilization, on various bacteria and virus has strong killing effect.

–Ozone together with carbon dioxide,formaldehyde, xylene and other toxic gas can occur degradation, oxidation and other complex physical and chemical reaction,and the by product is non-toxic harmless, can avoid the two pollution.


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