Alkaline Filter Jug – Orange

Alkaline Filter Jug – Orange




Alkaline Filter Jug - OrangeFrom the left picture, we could see the defferent testing result. We droped the same Chlorine testing reagent into the tap water and filtered water, the water including chlorine is yellow, and the water without chloring is clear.







Alkaline Filter Jug - Orange


 Experiment shows that the fitlered water pH is about 9.0-10.5. As we all know that the acidic physique would cause different kinds of diseases. We suggest to drink alkaline water to improve acid consititution , then reduce the happening of diseases.


Alkaline Filter Jug - OrangeThe testing equipment shows the ORP could reduced to -350mv ` -200mv based on the different water quality


The testing result shows the filtered water is rich Hydrogen,which could change the Oxygen free radical in human body into umharmful water , help to expel toxin and improve the health.


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