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Our Opportunities

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7 Types of Commission

The commission calculation is done based on the Business Sales volume. Our MLM software can be used calculate the team sales calculations in a precise manner. The calculation for generating commission is done based on whichever team or leg consist the minimal volume.

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New Feature

Stockist Commission

If consumer will purchase 576SV products or 576-SV cumulatively in his/her personal account. He/she will qualify for stockiest commission. It means, he/she needs to achieve minimum personal sales volume (Accumulate Sales Volume) 576-SV (no need time period-any time). He/she will start to get stockiest commission from purchasing products or business plan. Examples: If Sham is Area Distributor and joined some members with SV or sold some products using his wallets. He will get stockiest commission from that sales volume or products.

Notes: 90% stockiest bonus will go to Cash Wallet and 10% stockiest bonus will go to Redemption Wallet.


Consultant 10% - 20%

It is also called as the referral Bonus. It is the benefit that the user gets by adding new active members to the primary leg and secondary. Different Business Plan modules are provided by the companies while registration. So, the Consultant commission will be completely based on the Business Plan chosen by the love-line (down-line).

The commission will be credited directly to the Cash wallet 90% and 10% Redemption Wallet after the completion of the registration process with sales volume. If Member is not purchased any sales volume, the commission will not be paid to lifeline (up-line) if member is registered in free. When he/she will pay for minimum our Business Plan, then his/her up-line will get all bonuses consultant, sign up, and sales development bonus.

In that case, that member will be placed in a position. He/she will not get any bonus or business sales volume from his/her down-lines Sales. He/she will start to get sales volume (SV) and all bonuses from his/her down-line, after complete minimum 36 above SV as a his/her personal sales volume cumulatively. It will be paid unlimited and calculated instant.

Sales Development 20%

Every member must be referred at least 2 members (consultants) in the down-line primary leg 1 paid member and secondary leg 1 paid member.  After adding sales volume under the down-line equally on both the legs with active members, it will help the user to get a bonus based on the work of down-line sales volume.

It is called to as sales development Bonus (team sales bonus). In this way, every active member will get sales development bonus in every new sales volume of down-lines minimum matching sales in primary leg 36SV and secondary leg 36SV.

Please keep in mind, sales development bonus will pay to members based on weaker sales volume matching such as the screenshot in the below and carry forward the remaining sales volume (SV) of power leg for next day commission calculation. Sales development bonus will be paid unlimited depth and capping daily/weekly/monthly.


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reward points

Reward Commission 3% - 5%

It is personal monthly income based reward program bonus. Any member can get reward points as shown below picture. When member join with us, he/she need to make bonus 100SV minimum income in a month.

For examples, Shyam is Distributor, he made 100SV, he will get 3 points. (100SVx3%). In this way, Ram is National Director, he made 10,000SV, he will get 500 points (10,000SVx5%).

[Notes: Disqualified member’s Accumulate sales volume(ASV) will be flush out,  and new sales volume will start to accumulate for next reward qualiy.]

Monthly Salary - 20%

It is a monthly salary. Member needs to achieve minimum ratio 20:80 sales volume from his/her downline for qualify. It means, when member achieves 15,000SV from his/her down-lines ratio 3,000SV primary/secondary leg and 12,000SV primary/secondary leg within 6 months. In this case, he/she will start to get monthly salary after salary closing date.

It is based on Company Tone over sales volume of the 6 months x 20%.

monthly salary

Notes: Disqualified member’s Accumulate monthly sales volume will be flush out,  and new sales volume will start to count for next 6 month qualify.

Rankings Commission 10%

[It is a life-time reward fix commission to provide our members based on ranking.]

The First option is: Any interested consumer can join for free and purchase any product and start accumulating personal sales volume minimum 36SV and maximum 576SV in his/her self account or member can also purchase in a time 36SV, 180SV, and 576SV, and will get any rank as our business plan. Please check out the given screenshot below.

The second option is: any member can develop down-line business and get sales volume, then achieve any rank. Please check out the given screenshot below. If member join any new member in his/her down-line, and that member purchase any product, he/she will get sales volume from his/her downlines. In this way, he/she will get a rank when he/she reached any target sales volume. For examples: Shyam is a Distributor, and his personal SV is 36 only. He got 30,000 SV from down-line accumulate volume as shown screenshot, it is District Director sales volume, but he will not achieve District Director rank because he has only 36Sv personal sales volume. So he needs to purchase 576SV, then he will upgrade to District Director. Same as to achieve all ranks need to accumulative 576SV or above.


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