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About Us

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About Us

Welcome To iSuper Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

iSuper Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Is a health & wellness Multi-Level Marketing company sharing worldwide about the innovation products and committed to making healthy and entrepreneur in the marketing industry. It was started based on the advanced e-commerce platform and vision to spread global markets. In just short-time it is making huge markets in the world. It is fulfilling the people’s needs, dreams and aspirations in their life.

Super Health is making stronger in the wellness industry for its distributors and partners. It believes the distributors success in this industry’s success and shares the emotionally rewards to their distributors which are first time in the world. It has strong products and marketing plan where every distributor can enjoy in this platform without any hesitations. Our culture is “Helping More Earning more”.


• To become a No.1 Marketing company in the Health and Wellness Industry connecting the people of the world.


• To provide healthy and wealthy to our distributors and customers with highest quality proven products and provide No.1 business opportunities.